Mini update…more lead

Quick post guys, just ordered a 3lb Gun and 3 x crew for my French Musket & Tomahawks force. Very reasonable price from Front Rank Figurines. Give it some action in the next few weeks..

Pictures courtsey of Front Rank Figurines



Busy weekend painting…whats on your bench this week?

Hi all,
Been a busy weekend under the stairs, finished off 3 more British Infantry (total of 5 complete to date) and 3 British Airborne, which complete the 10 man Vetrean Unit. I also decided to up the level of basing, a minimum of 3 (of the 8) infantry will have some additional items on the base (I will post some pics up mid-week) to show what I mean.
On a funny note I had a 1/3rd full Vajello Black exploded on me (I was squeezing it a bit to hard), but remarkably it missed all my figures on the bench, they must have ducked lol, it did not miss me or the walls though.
So this week I will be pushing on with the next 5/6 Infantry and waiting for my new order to arrive.
What do you all have planned..?