Busy weekend painting…whats on your bench this week?

Hi all,
Been a busy weekend under the stairs, finished off 3 more British Infantry (total of 5 complete to date) and 3 British Airborne, which complete the 10 man Vetrean Unit. I also decided to up the level of basing, a minimum of 3 (of the 8) infantry will have some additional items on the base (I will post some pics up mid-week) to show what I mean.
On a funny note I had a 1/3rd full Vajello Black exploded on me (I was squeezing it a bit to hard), but remarkably it missed all my figures on the bench, they must have ducked lol, it did not miss me or the walls though.
So this week I will be pushing on with the next 5/6 Infantry and waiting for my new order to arrive.
What do you all have planned..?