Bolt Action Game report

The chaps over at Bolt Action had chance to have a Pacific battle……

4 Players. 500 points each. 1 objective – annihilation…

Report here..


February… Things to do.

Hi loyal followers, I have decided to set myself some monthly targets and then share there progression
with you all through the month. So here goes, for February my things to do are…

Complete Tau Riptide.
Finish and base first 18 Praetorian Guard and complete 18 more.

Play in a large Bolt Action game on a club Sunday.
Refresh myself with Hail Caesar rules ready for a game in March.

Start collecting new Games Workshop: Visions Monthly publication.
Post weekly WIP updates.

Eyes…painting them

Morning all, after some helpful feedback yesterday on my Primus Pilus figure, has anybody got a simple technique for painting eyes? Thanks.

Photos, thousands of them…

Nice project, how lomg as that taken to complete. Looks very well done. I would like to know how it plays as well.

Play-things of the Gods

Before anything else, I must apologise for not having updated this blog for over a month. I have been busy working away, but I really haven’t wanted to post anything to do with my latest project until I’d broke it’s back, otherwise, I am not sure I could have got through it. (Stopping to photograph things can be a real faff.)

Those of you that know your films, will have already guessed what this post may be about and for those of you that aren’t sure; the topic is the Anglo-Zulu War.

About a year or so ago, (it may even be longer!) I started my attempt to recreate Rorke’s Drift, painting the garrison and building the Hospital and Commissariat store. However, once Chain of Command hove into view, I must admit, Stalingrad, my first love,  wrest my attention away from colonial Africa and back to Russia.

However, after all…

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Warlord Games: Primus Pilus

This figure has been on my workbench for sometime, just sitting there waiting. Well I finally got round to completing
him. He was a senior Centurion and outranked by very few in his day. Still need to complete his base, then he will join my small but growing Roman Army, these images have been added to the 2014 WIP section.

Last few days of Warlord Book Sale

Only 4 more days left on their sale, grab a bargain while you can…

The Full Sarmatian Spread

Some nice painting from this guy, I thought it was worth a re-blog. Enjoy!


In amongst the many models which I painted in December was the last unit of horse archers for my division of Sarmatians for Hail Caesar. A good time, then, to take a picture of the entire army as it stands!

Click on the picture to get a greatly enlarged view.


These last models were of course done in the usual style, with the usual techniques. Nothing much to say about that! I’m currently continuing to use these honed practices on the Dacians, which still need a couple of units added. More on that soon!

One other question I’d like to ask you readers: I’m still looking for a suitable model to act as commander of this division. Warlord doesn’t produce a model for this, so do you guys know of an alternative? Pray tell!

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