Work in progress Wednesday

Morning all,

Currently on my workbench, which seems to be getting bigger…

Saga – 6 point Anglo Dane – 19 figures nearly done so almost halfway! Got my first league game of this on Friday. So will just have Levys and one Warrior unit as undercoated + new models that have not arrived yet,
2 x Flemish Warriors and Hereward the Wake.
Bolt Action – 3 more units of British Infantry and Churchill Tank to complete.
Warhammer 40K – Approx half way through the huge Riptide.
Hail Caesar – 100ish Figures to complete on the starter army.

And that’s about it….thank god!! The variety keeps me interested lol. I will try my best to post up some pictures in the next week or so….lucky rolling.




Saga Figures have arrived

Morning all,
My order of Anglo Danes arrived yesterday and I have to say the casting is of a very high quality, very clean as well. Nice touch is the separate weapons that go into
an open hand, which means you can paint the whole hand and weapon separately which gives a much nicer look when put together. I forgot to order the shield transfers when I placed my lead order, they are on the way and a banner as well. Completed the first Hearthguard last night, minus the shield (obviously!), fairly pleased with the first attempt, I always find the first model of a new army an experiment to see what works together and how clean they take the paint, took about 4 hours including the basing which is about average for a 28mm figure for me (unless you’re talking Tau, which is double that!!). Hopefully I will post some images up over the weekend or early next week.

Bolt Action – Brit Infantry section completed

Well at last after a weeks delay I have managed to finish and take a few photographs of the completed 8 man unit.
I have really enjoyed painting and basing these. I decide to up the basing detail after I completed my Vickers team, that turned out really well with the flowers and bits on it. After a few trials on old bases I got the look about right. Hope you like them.

Saga update…more lead on the way.

Quick post…
Played my first game of Saga last night and loved it….
So more lead just ordered a nice 6pt Anglo Danish warband

Back in the game..Posts..Warlord bits and Saga

Hi all,
Sorry for no updates lately, just had a few days away with the wife and a few family things getting in the way, lol.
However, my plan is to post up some more pics this weekend, also got some new bits to start on that arrived today and have a game of Saga planned for Friday, like the look of this game and the way it plays.

Whats everybody been upto?