28mm WWII Early War French

Some great models here and nice photography to boot, enjoy.

Herr Brush

In a few weeks I’ll be participating in a 650 point weekday Bolt Action tournament at Huzzah Hobbies, my FLGS. The theme is Early War and as I’ll be running my French I dug them out for a few photos, including my newly completed Motorized Infantry squad. The regular infantry and cavalry are from Crusader, the MMG Team, Somua S35 and 75mm are from Warlord, the Panhard P178 is from Army Group North and the Motorized Troops are from Battle Honors..

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Mini update…more lead

Quick post guys, just ordered a 3lb Gun and 3 x crew for my French Musket & Tomahawks force. Very reasonable price from Front Rank Figurines. Give it some action in the next few weeks..

Pictures courtsey of Front Rank Figurines


On the workbench this week….

…will be all SAGA offering of 4 Norman Levies and maybe a Mounted Hearthguard,  Bard, Flemish Warrior unit, like to get the Flemish chaps done for Sundays Club day.

Some shots below from ipad, so not my usual standard. Lets see how many of these I get done, my target is 4 x Levies and 8 x Flemish!! What you guys working on?

Club bash all day Sunday – SAGA

Well I got my arse in gear and got to the club Sunday yesterday. Played 2 games of SAGA, although I got soundly beaten I really enjoyed myself.

I played Anglo Danes and Reg played Byzantines first and then the Irish. Heres a few pics of the day..




More Bolt Action on the way…..

Well the ‘Lead Mountain’ troll has struck again..just placed an order for these…

I still have 20 British Infantry to finish yet, not to mention 60 odd Roman Praetorin Guard,Tau Riptide Battlesuit and various other small models/terrain to finish,oh well. I have a busy few months in front of me..

Bolt Action British Army – Vickers Machine Gun Team

Really like the way this came out, turned into a small diaramo. The fence took a couple of attempts, actually burning in with a lighter was tricky…balsa wood burns very quickly. Also the barbed wire was too bright, so a quick brown ink wash soon got it looking muddy. This has been added to the 2014 WIP

All day Bolt Action game

Hi all,

Well just getting round to posting this at last, what with travel delays and other bits of life in the way. Last Sunday at our club day I had an all day game of Bolt Action, kicked off at 11.00am at finished up at about 5.00pm.
I had the Brits and Reg had the Germans, we used the Objective scenario from the rule book;

Germans had 3 objectives and they were well dug in!! They were also hidden so I had no idea where they were!!
We decided that I had un-limited reserves (nice) and would play until 5.00pm (so not finish on the sixth turn). The Brits softened them up with their Preparatory Bombardment (got some nice direct hits!!), the first wave of 5 units got to the edge of the town, but found
heavy resistance from some nasty Germans camped out in the upper floors, by this time however, the Brit mortar was in position and with some nice
dice rolling, managed to take out most of the enemy in the first objective.
Some awful rolling for Reg with his anti-tank weapon (which all game did nothing!!) Attracted the attention of 2 Sherman’s and was swiftly dispatched. The two heavy tanks, with the assistance
of a veterean squad of British Airborne in the opposite building cleared out the second objective.
With the last objective left the Germans fought hard, laying down some accurate and deadly fire on the advancing Vickers, Sniper team and an infantry section. A last-ditch
reenforcement from the Germans of a Half track and a small platoon coming on the  table edge by the objective was not enough to stop the onslaught from the Allies and a surrender
was sought from the Germans.
Great day and a good game, really enjoyed this, fielded lots of troops and heavy armour. I think Reg would have done well to hold on, but the major failing of his anti-tank
weapon was a game turner, I did lose one tank to a Panzerfaust, but not completely.