Quick update…..Kroot Shaper and Bolt Action.

Been busy with gaming and lots of painting since my last post 10 days ago:

  • Finished 4 British Airborne Bolt Action guys, really enjoying these, have changed my basing style to accommodate a war-torn battlefield look. Will get some pics up over the weekend.
  • Participated in my first real game at Abingdon Wargaming club, played 15mm American Civil war……what a blast, great fun.
  • Good news is that we are playing Bolt Action at the club, need to crack on then with my British Army.
  • Finished my Kroot shaper.
  • Have ordered some more British Airborne troops……dam you Bolt Action.
  • Sadly not much progress on the Hunter Orcs or Riders of Rohan…….dam you Bolt Action.

This weekend Sunday 3rd March we have our annual gaming and show event at the club, lots of demo games and traders. More info at Overlord 2013.

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Bolt Action WIP

So my new figures and paints arrived this week, so I just thought I  would post up my thoughts and a few WIP images. Ordered on Saturday and arrived on Tuesday, so good value for standard £2.00 postage, packaged very well and clearly labelled.

The models are not blistered packed individually, they all came in the same mini bag, which was fine. However, I did not realise that they do not come with bases, if like me you have some spare bases that’s ok. If not add them to your order, £3.00 for 50.

The casting detail is good and very little clean up was required, there was one lump of flash behind the one of the guys guns but that was simple enough to remove. A new experience for me is using the Vallejo paints, really liking them, dispense cleanly, mix with water well and cover really nicely.

Nearly finished two of them, guy with the beret on needs highlighting, camo applied and PIAT painting. Other chap just needs basing. Not bad for a first attempt I think. They have made a nice change from my GW projects.

Overall opinion is a very good service, nice quality figures and great paints. Am I going to buy some more??? I have already, ordered 2 snipers that should be here next week.

I just had to reblog this, I love the look of the main image. For me it just evokes the feeling of the Horde of Chaos approaching. Good work

Miniature's AMP'd

Chaos Dwarf Assembly Project

This project was purely to assemble some Forge World Chaos Dwarfs. These are so tightly packed that it is hard to get each arm, shield, and/or weapon exactly where they need to be.

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Small Bolt Action order

Well after doing some research and looking at the figures I have placed a small order with Warlord games.

I have decided to go for the British Army, started with a British Airborne unit, I really do like the look of these and they have a great army list. If I like the quality of the models and I can find somewhere to play the game I will invest in some more.

Total of £24.50 including delivery, I could have saved on the paints by cross-referencing my Citadel paints, but I really would like these figures to be as authentic as possible and decided that their paints would be the best bet.

Started with a HQ and a support unit
British Airborne Officer with Hunting Horn

British Airborne PIAT Team advancing

British Airborne Paintset


Workbench this week…

Well not much changed this week. I have been busy reading, studying and researching my new Bolt Action Rulebook that arrived on Tuesday. I am liking the look of these figures and rule set. The important thing for me with this system is finding some opponents. I will be chatting to my local games club this Sunday to see if we can get some interest.

Back to the bench….
Kroot Shaper – The post below this one shows my progress with him, I must say I have really enjoyed painting this figure, Citadel Washes have worked nicely and he is in a great pose!



Rider of Rohan – Sadly all I had time for last week was an undercoat, need to get cracking on these guys.
Hunter Orcs – yet again just time to undercoat one more, still 5 left to complete of the 12.

Hunter Orcs

7 of the 12

So really a slow week for completing projects, but some good work looking at the next potential one!

Kroot Shaper WIP

Just remembered before i finished it!! I promised that I would post some WIP pictures of my Kroot Shaper, I have had this guy for years.
Thought it was about time I gave him a lick of paint. Still need to finish the main body and gloves {all the black bits basically} and some highlights here and there, but all in all fairly pleased with the flesh eater……

4 Tips for better miniature photography

This is not an exhaustive list, but I have found if you can get a few basics right you can achieve a fairly good standard of photography;

1. Light – Use a good light source, light from the front ie the side your camera is, position your light directly over the figure and tilt it towards the model slightly. As you can see in the picture below there is a shadow cast behind the model, to prevent this use two lights, one from the right and above and the other from the left and above. If you can, fit a Daylight bulb for pure natural light. See image below


2. Backdrop – Use a complimentary background, I have found that models with lots of flesh a light tones look better on a black background and the reverse for darker tones,  I use a light blue for darker models. To set it up just use a piece of coloured paper/card that is blu tacked down at the front and is resting on a small box at the rear. This creates a curve that forms a smooth backdrop behind the model. See image below


3. Camera – To avoid shaky out of focus shots there are two things you can do, always use the timer and use a tripod (or rest the camera on the table/desk you are using). On most cameras you can change the shutter speed, on my images its set to 1/85, the longer the shutter is open the more light can get into the picture. A secondary setting to change would be the aperture setting, it’s normally displayed on most cameras as ‘F’ with two numbers after it, for example mine is set to F/3.2 .

4. Lastly take lots and lots of shots and edit out the worst ones, I would normally say from 50 shots I may get 1 or 2 good ones, so just snap away.

There is not one set up to fit all, but I found experimenting around with the points outlined above that you can find an environment that can produce some very nice images.

Thanks for reading.