Busy weekend painting…whats on your bench this week?

Hi all,
Been a busy weekend under the stairs, finished off 3 more British Infantry (total of 5 complete to date) and 3 British Airborne, which complete the 10 man Vetrean Unit. I also decided to up the level of basing, a minimum of 3 (of the 8) infantry will have some additional items on the base (I will post some pics up mid-week) to show what I mean.
On a funny note I had a 1/3rd full Vajello Black exploded on me (I was squeezing it a bit to hard), but remarkably it missed all my figures on the bench, they must have ducked lol, it did not miss me or the walls though.
So this week I will be pushing on with the next 5/6 Infantry and waiting for my new order to arrive.
What do you all have planned..?


Nice Bolt Action site

H all,
Very quick post, just stumbled across this blog/site. Found some nice articles and discussions on the forum, its worth a look.


More Bolt Action on the way…..

Well the ‘Lead Mountain’ troll has struck again..just placed an order for these…

I still have 20 British Infantry to finish yet, not to mention 60 odd Roman Praetorin Guard,Tau Riptide Battlesuit and various other small models/terrain to finish,oh well. I have a busy few months in front of me..

Bolt Action British Army – Vickers Machine Gun Team

Really like the way this came out, turned into a small diaramo. The fence took a couple of attempts, actually burning in with a lighter was tricky…balsa wood burns very quickly. Also the barbed wire was too bright, so a quick brown ink wash soon got it looking muddy. This has been added to the 2014 WIP

Abingdon Wargame Club – Overlord 2014

Afternoon all, this is a blatant plug here for our Clubs big event, only 12 days to go:

Overlord 2014
Overlord 2014 will be held on Sunday 2nd March, at Fitzharrys School on Northcourt Road in Abingdon. As is now expected, the show will feature a great selection of participation games, traders, and our popular bring-and-buy. Food will be available, and parking is free. More info can be found here.

Entry costs £2.50 for adults and £4.00 for families, with concessions available.

Bolt Action Infantry Section -WIP

Kicked off my infantry section last week, I have really enjoyed painting these. Did some research into painting faces prior to working on them as I was hopeless, and also practised on a few old heads, as painting Tau does not give you much chance to work on faces. Each one is getting better and I am learning constantly, which is good. The detail on the figures is very nice from Warlord Games and they can be individually personalised with diffrent arms, weapons and stuff they can carry. They have been added to the 2014 WIP.

Home Guard Radio Episode One – “Its ok ive got a Tiger”

This sounds interesting, gonna have a listen.


Home Guard Logo Welcome to the first episode of Home Guard Radio, join our hosts as they gather round the microphone in the 6s2hit.com bunker and discuss Warlord Games Bolt Action. Join the four Scottish gentlemen and Craig (apparently I am not a gentleman) as they talk about what they have been playing and building and the topic of the month.

Hosts: Craig (Ghostmaker) AndyM, AndyW, Ali and Steven

Part 1: Intelligence Corp – What we have been playing and Rules chat.
Part 2: Logistics Corp – Hobby News
Part 3: Subject of the Month – The road to Bolt Action, dipping a hairy toe into historical gaming.

Episode One: http://www.6s2hit-thepodcast.com/2014/0 … got-tiger/ and coming withing 24 hours to iTunes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HomeGuardRadio

Forums: http://www.6s2hit.com

Email Homeguardradio@gmail.com

Thanks go out to Dr Tom for the intro voice and Karis (Damned Angel) for the ladies touch.

Ghostmaker :)

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