Workbench this week…

Trying to get back on track with my many projects this week…

Riptide is coming on


Praetorian Guards, got lots of these to do. Working on slightly lower quality for gaming needs.


Staying focussed on your projects – Any tips?

Just a question here people;

Am I the only painter/gamer/modeller that loses focus on their project in hand? I get enthused for about 4-5 weeks on a particular army or project and then just seem to drop it like a brick. It’s not just me is it? Is it work/live pressures or taking on 40+ figures in one go and losing the will to live after 10…lol. Any body else have this problem? If so how do you stay focussed?

Thanks Pete.

Some new Bolt Action British Army figures here

Nice, some new figures for the old Blighty army…point to self (must crack on with my Bolt Action army)

Another unit of Viking Bondi

These look great. love the bases and nice photography as well.


Welcome back to my blog! It’s been a quiet few weeks, first a lengthy holiday in Spain and then a week of acclimatising (as in: coping with a sudden difference in temperature of about 20°). I didn’t get to paint nearly as much as I’d hoped in Spain – just about half of the models I packed – but these Vikings below were mostly completed just before I left. All that was left was the bases, which I finished yesterday, and here they are:

With the previous Bondi unit out of the way I wanted to get another unit painted up as quickly as possible, and reduce somewhat the plastic pile. I had (and still have) tons of the – frankly horrible – Wargames Factory vikings lying around in the pile, and most of a box of their much more agreeable Gripping Beast alternatives, so I decided to do a…

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Limited Edition Farsight Enclaves | Warhammer 40,000 New Releases


This looks nice, it will attract us hardcore Tau fans…but £60.00!!!!!