Tau V Eldar pictures and mini report.

Friday night saw me join up with Ed from our club and play a 2000 point Tau v Eldar (Henrys) game.
Well this was a brutal introduction for me into the world of 40k gaming. It was a capture the objective game, Tau deployed first, stealth guys opening up on the right and taking out one Eldar before jet packing into cover. Everything else that could reach was aimed at the Wraithknight, 1 wound gone.
Turn 2 saw the Kroot move out of cover on the right….bad move, 11 slain by a group of Eldar Flamers, stealth team did the usual shoot and jump, two more pesky Eldar gone. Here comes the Wraithknight moving across the field, wreaking havoc as he goes, Devilfish out of action, two more wounds inflicted but he recovers them, bloody witch spells. Turn 3 sees a Eldar flyer race across the battlefield but gets blown up, the crew abandon ship and get slaughtered where the stand by a torrent of battlesuit and Fire warrior fire.
Turns 4 and 5 we lose the 3 Broadsides in a single shot by an Eldar flyer…..just gone!!! One of the Tau Warlords is on the run from the Wraithknight and manages to rally at the edge of the field, by know the Wraithknight is upon our ranks…….Sniper drones gone….Broadside gone…..Fire team protecting the objective……gone. The Fire Cadre team stand fast but to no avail, they retreat and will regroup for another day.
Wraithknight is a brutal weapon, we laid so many shots into it, literally hundreds!!! Good game, makes me want to get my Riptide on the table very soon.
Cheers Ed and Henry.


Tau maiden battle Friday 5th

Well after over 10 years of collecting Tau i have my first game with them tonight, 2000 point V Eldar. Pics to follow.