WIP Wednesday

Morning all,

Not much has changed since my last update…except for the addition of Jugula and some more lead!!

Jugula – 8 Figures purchased at Salute, 6 painted and 2 undercoated, 8 games played and loving it.
Saga – 6 point Anglo Dane – 22 figures nearly done so over halfway! Still to undercoat 2 x Flemish Warriors, Hereward the Wake, 4 x Double Handed Axe Hearthguards, Bard and Sons of Death.
Bolt Action – 3 more units of British Infantry, Command Unit and Churchill Tank is assembled.
Warhammer 40K – Approx half way through the huge Riptide.
Hail Caesar – 100ish Figures to complete on the starter army.

Still need to get round to a morning of photography for the blog and that’s about it….thank god!! The variety keeps me interested lol. I will try my best to post up some pictures in the next week or so….lucky rolling.


More Bolt Action on the way…..

Well the ‘Lead Mountain’ troll has struck again..just placed an order for these…

I still have 20 British Infantry to finish yet, not to mention 60 odd Roman Praetorin Guard,Tau Riptide Battlesuit and various other small models/terrain to finish,oh well. I have a busy few months in front of me..

Abingdon Wargame Club – Overlord 2014

Afternoon all, this is a blatant plug here for our Clubs big event, only 12 days to go:

Overlord 2014
Overlord 2014 will be held on Sunday 2nd March, at Fitzharrys School on Northcourt Road in Abingdon. As is now expected, the show will feature a great selection of participation games, traders, and our popular bring-and-buy. Food will be available, and parking is free. More info can be found here.

Entry costs £2.50 for adults and £4.00 for families, with concessions available.

Praetorian Guard WIP- Update

Latest news on the mighty Romans.
Got round to basing the first 2 bases, looks ok I think. I trimmed the figure bases off before gluing them on, that was a bit tricky, as you need to be careful that you don’t chop the feet off, but all worked out well in the end. There is also a quick shot of some WIP figures, completing this at 6 a week as it stands, so seeing some real progress.
These have been added to the 2014 WIP

February… Things to do.

Hi loyal followers, I have decided to set myself some monthly targets and then share there progression
with you all through the month. So here goes, for February my things to do are…

Complete Tau Riptide.
Finish and base first 18 Praetorian Guard and complete 18 more.

Play in a large Bolt Action game on a club Sunday.
Refresh myself with Hail Caesar rules ready for a game in March.

Start collecting new Games Workshop: Visions Monthly publication.
Post weekly WIP updates.

Eyes…painting them

Morning all, after some helpful feedback yesterday on my Primus Pilus figure, has anybody got a simple technique for painting eyes? Thanks.

Warlord Games: Primus Pilus

This figure has been on my workbench for sometime, just sitting there waiting. Well I finally got round to completing
him. He was a senior Centurion and outranked by very few in his day. Still need to complete his base, then he will join my small but growing Roman Army, these images have been added to the 2014 WIP section.