Gripping Beast Mutatawwia WIP update

Morning all,
Well really been cracking on with these figures. Got a 4 point force for Xmas (thanks family!).
As I write this I have nearly 11 figures complete of 21, really enjoying painting these as I have mentioned in a previous post, its make a change using brighter colours and lighter shading/blending than my Anglo Dane chaps.
Sculpts are fist class, the fine detail on the faces is superb and there is very minimal clean up required (as usual with Gripping Beast). As I write this I have more figures on the way to make up a 6 point and a priest. In addition the official forum reckons that Naffatan mercs are very useful, so have got 4 of those coming as well.

Few pictures from my ipad..




Jugula figures

I bought these chaps at Salute this year, played a demo of the game as well and loved it. Painted them fairly quickly as well, the plan was to take it to my club and start a campaign (which is brilliant by the way). However, life got in the way and my mojo for the hobby waned!!! Anyway back on it, thought I would post up some pictures of how they turned out. In fact I did take it to the club and it was well received, so need to get that ball rolling again. Enjoy!




Anglo Dane final images

At last I have managed to take some decent pictures of these guys. Just got the last unit of Warriors to complete, one of them has a War Banner. He is done but going to wait until the rest are completed before posting, unless I post them as a WIP Wednesday! Hope you like them, I have enjoyed painting them. I do have a paint guide of sorts if you are interested, cheers guys.

This weekend..and future plans

I plan to get the first images of my Anglo Dane army up on here this weekend and shots of my Norman test figure.

Only have 4 figures left to finish of the Anglo Dane guys, then it’s onto the Norman 4 point.

As I have mentioned before, I am not allowing myself to start the new Crescent & Cross Mutatawwi’a 4 point (which I have just ordered for Xmas, thanks wife) until all the Normans are done!

Whats your plans for the next few weeks?

Bolt Action – Brit Infantry section completed

Well at last after a weeks delay I have managed to finish and take a few photographs of the completed 8 man unit.
I have really enjoyed painting and basing these. I decide to up the basing detail after I completed my Vickers team, that turned out really well with the flowers and bits on it. After a few trials on old bases I got the look about right. Hope you like them.

More Bolt Action on the way…..

Well the ‘Lead Mountain’ troll has struck again..just placed an order for these…

I still have 20 British Infantry to finish yet, not to mention 60 odd Roman Praetorin Guard,Tau Riptide Battlesuit and various other small models/terrain to finish,oh well. I have a busy few months in front of me..

Bolt Action British Army – Vickers Machine Gun Team

Really like the way this came out, turned into a small diaramo. The fence took a couple of attempts, actually burning in with a lighter was tricky…balsa wood burns very quickly. Also the barbed wire was too bright, so a quick brown ink wash soon got it looking muddy. This has been added to the 2014 WIP