Jugula figures

I bought these chaps at Salute this year, played a demo of the game as well and loved it. Painted them fairly quickly as well, the plan was to take it to my club and start a campaign (which is brilliant by the way). However, life got in the way and my mojo for the hobby waned!!! Anyway back on it, thought I would post up some pictures of how they turned out. In fact I did take it to the club and it was well received, so need to get that ball rolling again. Enjoy!





Gripping Beast

Just a quick post to say that I just placed an order with the guys at Gripping Beast and they can not help me enough, great products and top people.


WIP Wednesday

Morning all,

Not much has changed since my last update…except for the addition of Jugula and some more lead!!

Jugula – 8 Figures purchased at Salute, 6 painted and 2 undercoated, 8 games played and loving it.
Saga – 6 point Anglo Dane – 22 figures nearly done so over halfway! Still to undercoat 2 x Flemish Warriors, Hereward the Wake, 4 x Double Handed Axe Hearthguards, Bard and Sons of Death.
Bolt Action – 3 more units of British Infantry, Command Unit and Churchill Tank is assembled.
Warhammer 40K – Approx half way through the huge Riptide.
Hail Caesar – 100ish Figures to complete on the starter army.

Still need to get round to a morning of photography for the blog and that’s about it….thank god!! The variety keeps me interested lol. I will try my best to post up some pictures in the next week or so….lucky rolling.

Salute 2014….Jugula

Hi all,
Popped into Salute 2014 at the Excel Centre in London on Saturday, it seemed a bit busier than last year. The que went down very quickly in the other hall, lucky I had my ticket already as the non ticket holders looked very sad as I passed them. I got to play a Jugula game as intended, for those of you who are not aware of the game is a gladiotar based game from Gripping Beast, using just 4 figures and a hand full of cards, it also has a brilliant campaign set of rules. I invested in 2 sets of figures and cards, the vinyl mat, rules, counters etc etc, basically enough to get 2 players started.
The figures are 35mm scale, so not a scale I have painted before. However, they are of fantastic quality with no clean up required and are also supplied with a vast number of heads and equipment options, so all 8 figures are unique.

I had chance to play 3 one off games and I have to say its a great game, many strategic choices and you have to think when moving about the board, its a bit like chess but up many levels!!! Very easy to pick up and play, going to run a quick campaign with my lad at home, these rules look really good where you get run your own gladiator school (Familla), you can hire medics, priests, whores lol etc etc. They are going to release a further 8 figures shortly so you will be able have 12 figures all with their own skills card.