All day Bolt Action game

Hi all,

Well just getting round to posting this at last, what with travel delays and other bits of life in the way. Last Sunday at our club day I had an all day game of Bolt Action, kicked off at 11.00am at finished up at about 5.00pm.
I had the Brits and Reg had the Germans, we used the Objective scenario from the rule book;

Germans had 3 objectives and they were well dug in!! They were also hidden so I had no idea where they were!!
We decided that I had un-limited reserves (nice) and would play until 5.00pm (so not finish on the sixth turn). The Brits softened them up with their Preparatory Bombardment (got some nice direct hits!!), the first wave of 5 units got to the edge of the town, but found
heavy resistance from some nasty Germans camped out in the upper floors, by this time however, the Brit mortar was in position and with some nice
dice rolling, managed to take out most of the enemy in the first objective.
Some awful rolling for Reg with his anti-tank weapon (which all game did nothing!!) Attracted the attention of 2 Sherman’s and was swiftly dispatched. The two heavy tanks, with the assistance
of a veterean squad of British Airborne in the opposite building cleared out the second objective.
With the last objective left the Germans fought hard, laying down some accurate and deadly fire on the advancing Vickers, Sniper team and an infantry section. A last-ditch
reenforcement from the Germans of a Half track and a small platoon coming on the  table edge by the objective was not enough to stop the onslaught from the Allies and a surrender
was sought from the Germans.
Great day and a good game, really enjoyed this, fielded lots of troops and heavy armour. I think Reg would have done well to hold on, but the major failing of his anti-tank
weapon was a game turner, I did lose one tank to a Panzerfaust, but not completely.


Bolt Action – Dont panic…

These are due out sometime early February, nice little addition to the game I think. Sculptures look nice as well.
They are supplied with rules for you to use in Bolt Action. However, I wonder if they have any additional scenarios for them in the pipeline.

Dads Army

Bolt Action – Pegasus Bridge painting guide

Hi all, another great article that you may not have seen from Warlord Games.

Its a neat painting guide to Pegasus Bridge, this is the infamous bridge that British 6th Airborne Division “the Red Berets” fought over
on June 6th 1944.

The capture of the River Orne bridge at Ranville and the bridge across the Caen Canal (Pegasus Bridge) at Bénouville is the most famous mission of the airborne division. 180 troops of the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry, commanded by Major John Howard, captured the bridges after landing in Horsa gliders only metres from their objectives. In less than ten minutes both bridges had been captured intact. The sea borne reinforcements commanded by Brigadier Lord Lovat, preceded by his bagpiper Bill Millin, were able to cross the waterways to reinforce 6th Airborne Division on the eastern flank. Among these Green Berets, 177 French Commandos commanded by Philip Kieffer. On June 26th 1944, the Caen Canal bridge was baptised Pegasus Bridge as a tribute to the British troops. Pegasus, the winged horse, was the emblem worn on the sleeves of the men of the airborne division. The insignia was chosen by the author Daphne du Maurier, wife of the wartime commander of British airborne forces General Sir Frederick Browning. (Source)

Bolt Action Game report

The chaps over at Bolt Action had chance to have a Pacific battle……

4 Players. 500 points each. 1 objective – annihilation…

Report here..

February… Things to do.

Hi loyal followers, I have decided to set myself some monthly targets and then share there progression
with you all through the month. So here goes, for February my things to do are…

Complete Tau Riptide.
Finish and base first 18 Praetorian Guard and complete 18 more.

Play in a large Bolt Action game on a club Sunday.
Refresh myself with Hail Caesar rules ready for a game in March.

Start collecting new Games Workshop: Visions Monthly publication.
Post weekly WIP updates.

Photos, thousands of them…

Nice project, how lomg as that taken to complete. Looks very well done. I would like to know how it plays as well.

Play-things of the Gods

Before anything else, I must apologise for not having updated this blog for over a month. I have been busy working away, but I really haven’t wanted to post anything to do with my latest project until I’d broke it’s back, otherwise, I am not sure I could have got through it. (Stopping to photograph things can be a real faff.)

Those of you that know your films, will have already guessed what this post may be about and for those of you that aren’t sure; the topic is the Anglo-Zulu War.

About a year or so ago, (it may even be longer!) I started my attempt to recreate Rorke’s Drift, painting the garrison and building the Hospital and Commissariat store. However, once Chain of Command hove into view, I must admit, Stalingrad, my first love,  wrest my attention away from colonial Africa and back to Russia.

However, after all…

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White Dwarf going weekly

This maybe a bit of old news, but I have just read that from the 1st Feruary 2014 White Dwarf is going weekly, interesting…all for £2.40.

Lets see what it brings and there is a new monthly mag called Warhammer: Visions.