Lion Rampant Review

This sounds an interesting set of rules, I may pick it up in the next month or so. Anybody else played it?

Bad Squiddo Games (The Dice Bag Lady)

Recently you may have noticed a few changes around here, well I’ll get to that in another post later in the month but yes the website has been entirely revamped and the shop has been completely made over to stock lots more such as rulesets, miniatures and terrain for Medieval, Dark Age, and Wild West gaming. A small round of applause to the huge DBL web team… oh no wait, there isn’t one, just me! Go me!

lion Lion Rampant £11.99

But right now, I feel we need an entire blog post to talk about LION RAMPANT. A brand new medieval skirmish game from Osprey Publishing. I’m sure you must be familiar with Osprey, every historical gamer has at least a hundred of their reference books piled around the house, and another hundred in the footwell of the car. Well possibly rather naively, I had no idea they produced wargames rules…

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