Bolt Action British Army – Vickers Machine Gun Team

Really like the way this came out, turned into a small diaramo. The fence took a couple of attempts, actually burning in with a lighter was tricky…balsa wood burns very quickly. Also the barbed wire was too bright, so a quick brown ink wash soon got it looking muddy. This has been added to the 2014 WIP


5 thoughts on “Bolt Action British Army – Vickers Machine Gun Team

  1. Truely a very nice diorama, less a normal base. All the floral decorations really work and the barbed wire looks very good, too. The camouflage looks convincing. The cruelty of war juxtaposed with the beauty of nature is what I see in it.

    I would give the barbed wire a bit of rust effect, or make it more muddy, but apart from that it looks excellent. Will you keep that high quality of basing up for all of your army or only some of the centre pieces?

    • Whats ur thoughts on how to get the rust effect? I washed it down with a Brown wash, but yes your right it needs toning down a bit more. I tried the flora on the standrd base and it looked at bit false, not much room on a standard base to be creative, unless you have some good ideads lol!!!! Thanks for all your comments BTW.

      • You are welcome. To avoid an overtly fake look you can always use some brown spray paint and lightly spray it on the flowers and grass. That tones it down and removes a bit of the ‘plastic’ look. However, with MiniNatur that doesn’t seem to be a big issue.

        For the rust I would honestly use some pigments or enamel paints. Just mix them with some medium and brush it on. Or maybe just dust on some dry stuff, rub it around and fixate with Pigment fixer.

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