Bolt Action Infantry Section -WIP

Kicked off my infantry section last week, I have really enjoyed painting these. Did some research into painting faces prior to working on them as I was hopeless, and also practised on a few old heads, as painting Tau does not give you much chance to work on faces. Each one is getting better and I am learning constantly, which is good. The detail on the figures is very nice from Warlord Games and they can be individually personalised with diffrent arms, weapons and stuff they can carry. They have been added to the 2014 WIP.


2 thoughts on “Bolt Action Infantry Section -WIP

    • Thanks, hopefully they will improve. First off use an off white for a slit of the eyes, not to careful, then a tiny black dot in both places for the pupil. Then base all the face with Tau Light Ochre 3:1 with water, 2-3 very light coats, cut in around the eyes very carefully, leaving a small white outline. Reikland Flesh wash, sides of nose in ear, under eyes, under nose and lower lip and a fine line to show jowels (if that is a word lol). Then mix Tau Light Ochre, Ushabti Bone and water, mix it so its a shade lighter than the base colour, pick out the nose, cheeks, under chin, over eyes, tips of ears….job done. You can also keep adding Ushabti Bone for a further highlight. Pete

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