Praetorian Guard WIP- Update

Latest news on the mighty Romans.
Got round to basing the first 2 bases, looks ok I think. I trimmed the figure bases off before gluing them on, that was a bit tricky, as you need to be careful that you don’t chop the feet off, but all worked out well in the end. There is also a quick shot of some WIP figures, completing this at 6 a week as it stands, so seeing some real progress.
These have been added to the 2014 WIP


2 thoughts on “Praetorian Guard WIP- Update

  1. The Praetorians look great. As you mentioned the based turned out very nice, they really conjure an arid, dry atmosphere. Completing six a week is definitely fast and given the quality your troops will grow more and more while looking the part. Are you painting these for Hail Caesar?

    • Thanks again for your comments, yes Hail Caesar. The other bonus is I got these figures and archers, cavalry and heavy artillery all free, a xmas gift from my game club!!! Nice.

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