Warlord Games: Primus Pilus

This figure has been on my workbench for sometime, just sitting there waiting. Well I finally got round to completing
him. He was a senior Centurion and outranked by very few in his day. Still need to complete his base, then he will join my small but growing Roman Army, these images have been added to the 2014 WIP section.


3 thoughts on “Warlord Games: Primus Pilus

  1. Always good to see some Romans. He looks good. The decal gives the miniature the right amount of ‘pop’ and I think overall he turned out nicely. If you want to invest some more time I would suggest to paint the eyes, as it really brings the miniature to life.

    • Thanks for the great feedback. Yeah I always struggle with eyes, always to starey or boggle eyed and took the decision to ‘not bother’ lol, as these are for Table top gaming purposes only.
      However, if you have a good techinque you could recommend I maybe swayed to try it, thanks again.

      • Hiho, sorry just had time to come back to you today. I paint the eye sockets black, followed by some off white eyeballs, leaving a blakc line around the eyeball for definition. You need a steady hand and a fine brush tip for this. Now you can paint in the pupil with black, once again either using a brush or a very fine ink pen. Here is a tutorial by the master herself Marike Reimer http://www.destroyerminis.com/paintingeyes/

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