Photos, thousands of them…

Nice project, how lomg as that taken to complete. Looks very well done. I would like to know how it plays as well.

Play-things of the Gods

Before anything else, I must apologise for not having updated this blog for over a month. I have been busy working away, but I really haven’t wanted to post anything to do with my latest project until I’d broke it’s back, otherwise, I am not sure I could have got through it. (Stopping to photograph things can be a real faff.)

Those of you that know your films, will have already guessed what this post may be about and for those of you that aren’t sure; the topic is the Anglo-Zulu War.

About a year or so ago, (it may even be longer!) I started my attempt to recreate Rorke’s Drift, painting the garrison and building the Hospital and Commissariat store. However, once Chain of Command hove into view, I must admit, Stalingrad, my first love,  wrest my attention away from colonial Africa and back to Russia.

However, after all…

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