The Full Sarmatian Spread

Some nice painting from this guy, I thought it was worth a re-blog. Enjoy!


In amongst the many models which I painted in December was the last unit of horse archers for my division of Sarmatians for Hail Caesar. A good time, then, to take a picture of the entire army as it stands!

Click on the picture to get a greatly enlarged view.


These last models were of course done in the usual style, with the usual techniques. Nothing much to say about that! I’m currently continuing to use these honed practices on the Dacians, which still need a couple of units added. More on that soon!

One other question I’d like to ask you readers: I’m still looking for a suitable model to act as commander of this division. Warlord doesn’t produce a model for this, so do you guys know of an alternative? Pray tell!

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