Staying focussed on your projects – Any tips?

Just a question here people;

Am I the only painter/gamer/modeller that loses focus on their project in hand? I get enthused for about 4-5 weeks on a particular army or project and then just seem to drop it like a brick. It’s not just me is it? Is it work/live pressures or taking on 40+ figures in one go and losing the will to live after 10…lol. Any body else have this problem? If so how do you stay focussed?

Thanks Pete.


5 thoughts on “Staying focussed on your projects – Any tips?

  1. I too sometimes suffer from this – I’ve found the best way for me is to vary it up – 40+ figures to paint? Concentrate on a block of 5, then when they’re done choose a different batch, but try to vary the models contained in this new batch to make sure they’re different from the previous one etc

  2. This happens to everyone. My normal trick is to occasionally switch between different projects or use an event such as a tournament as a deadline.
    And whereever possible, break tasks done to small chunks.

  3. I’ve started limiting the amount of other figures that are tempting. Keeping them out of sight and storing them in the keller. When I have my lead mountain in close proximity I’m always opening boxes and thinking about the paint job I could be doing on that figure.
    At the moment I’m prevaricating about the bush with my Napoleonics and getting distracted by producing movement trays.

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