Another unit of Viking Bondi

These look great. love the bases and nice photography as well.


Welcome back to my blog! It’s been a quiet few weeks, first a lengthy holiday in Spain and then a week of acclimatising (as in: coping with a sudden difference in temperature of about 20°). I didn’t get to paint nearly as much as I’d hoped in Spain – just about half of the models I packed – but these Vikings below were mostly completed just before I left. All that was left was the bases, which I finished yesterday, and here they are:

With the previous Bondi unit out of the way I wanted to get another unit painted up as quickly as possible, and reduce somewhat the plastic pile. I had (and still have) tons of the – frankly horrible – Wargames Factory vikings lying around in the pile, and most of a box of their much more agreeable Gripping Beast alternatives, so I decided to do a…

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