Bolt Action WIP

So my new figures and paints arrived this week, so I just thought I  would post up my thoughts and a few WIP images. Ordered on Saturday and arrived on Tuesday, so good value for standard £2.00 postage, packaged very well and clearly labelled.

The models are not blistered packed individually, they all came in the same mini bag, which was fine. However, I did not realise that they do not come with bases, if like me you have some spare bases that’s ok. If not add them to your order, £3.00 for 50.

The casting detail is good and very little clean up was required, there was one lump of flash behind the one of the guys guns but that was simple enough to remove. A new experience for me is using the Vallejo paints, really liking them, dispense cleanly, mix with water well and cover really nicely.

Nearly finished two of them, guy with the beret on needs highlighting, camo applied and PIAT painting. Other chap just needs basing. Not bad for a first attempt I think. They have made a nice change from my GW projects.

Overall opinion is a very good service, nice quality figures and great paints. Am I going to buy some more??? I have already, ordered 2 snipers that should be here next week.


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