Workbench this week…

Well not much changed this week. I have been busy reading, studying and researching my new Bolt Action Rulebook that arrived on Tuesday. I am liking the look of these figures and rule set. The important thing for me with this system is finding some opponents. I will be chatting to my local games club this Sunday to see if we can get some interest.

Back to the bench….
Kroot Shaper – The post below this one shows my progress with him, I must say I have really enjoyed painting this figure, Citadel Washes have worked nicely and he is in a great pose!



Rider of Rohan – Sadly all I had time for last week was an undercoat, need to get cracking on these guys.
Hunter Orcs – yet again just time to undercoat one more, still 5 left to complete of the 12.

Hunter Orcs

7 of the 12

So really a slow week for completing projects, but some good work looking at the next potential one!


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