How to make great Bases

Took some work and a fair bit of research to get these bases looking how I wanted them for my Riders of Rohan figures, you can use these techniques for any base.

I was looking for a grassy plain look, with some rocky outcrops. This is how I image the fields of Rohan to be.

So to start I took some small stones out of the garden placed them inside a small sandwich bag and proceeded to smash the hell out of them! You are looking for stones about 2-3mm and some bigger.
There are places online that do these, but I found it much better smashing them up!!.

Get your base and work out where you want the pile of stones/rocks and, how many rocky areas [I would say max of 2 on a large base and 1 on a small]. Place them roughly in the position you think looks good. Once you’re happy, take them off and apply Superglue to the area and replace the stones, to give a bit of height you can stack them up, but make sure they look natural.
NOTE: Be careful of the Superglue, keep it away from your skin!!

Once they have dried, get some PVA and take an area out from the base of the rocks of approx 3-5mm and apply the PVA to the outer edge of this area, and all way up to the base of the rocks. Dip the base in basing sand and there you have an area containing nice relief in the large stones and a clear area where the sand is [you can replace the sand with a basing paint from GW or not bother with this]

Let all this dry out, best to leave them overnight. Flood the area with a dark wash such as Nuln oil or watered down black, wait for in to dry. Dry brush the whole area with a dark grey of your choice, final dry brush with a light grey or Bleached bone, just pick out the edges of the rocks and sand….thats all done.

Cover the rest of the base with PVA, dip the base in Static Grass, blow of the excess and push the grass down with your thumb on the base so it lies nice and flat. Just check the join between the grass and the stones is good and this part is done.

This next part is optional, I bought the gold grass tufts off of eBay to add some height and texture to the base, as I said they are optional.
This is what the finish bases looks like, thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “How to make great Bases

  1. nice job with those bases, i use a similar technique to make my death world bases. The GW stirland mud texture paint is great for making those grass clumps( and models boots) look a little muddy.

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