Update 31/1/13: Bolg Review and images

Started Bolg over the weekend, I will post some images up very soon.
My first thoughts looking through the shiny new pack was, wow look at the detail! It seemed very nicely done.
On opening and taking the model off the sprue I encountered one problem, the club is attached at the very top of the weapon to the sprue, I could not release it without cutting off one of the spikes……damm.

The next challenge was to remove all the excess flux, simple, brushing with a large tank brush did the trick. Very unusual approach to cleaning a model up as I have been used to a file in the past. Stuck him on the base but left his arms off to paint on the sprue as they go right over the chest and the large knife.

He was infact fairly simple to paint, I kinda used the GW image as a rough reference. Using lots of washes and highlights he took me about 10 hours to complete.

He is nearly done, should have done some WIP shots but got carried away. Need to attach his arms across his chest and base him then all done, final pics up next week i hope.


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