Top 5 tips for great painting

Just thought are would share by 5 tips for great painting;

1. Good consistent lighting source, if you can get one fit a daylight bulb.
2. Clean water for cleaning brushes, keep it clean especially if you’re watering down light shades.
3. Mixing palette, which can be a proper one or just a spare bit of hard plastic.
4. Variety of brushes, I use Fine detail, Standard and small dry brush, I also keep older brushes to
apply PVA and things.
5. Finally always shake your paints before use for a good 20-30 seconds, this caught me out recently with one of the GW washes. I was not shaking it at all and it was drying off shiny and I stopped using it, i then read on a forum that you should shake it…’s perfect now.

Anything you want to add please feel free, happy brush work.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 tips for great painting

  1. Do you even proofread your work?

    -You’ve got a random line break in point 4
    -You used “your” instead of “you’re” (point 2)
    -There’s no space between “good” and “20-30” in point 5
    -Also in point 5 I think you meant “caught me out” not “caught be out”
    -Another random line break (point 5)
    -“I was not shaken it at all” is gibberish
    -Shiny is spelled “shiny”, there’s no E.

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