Nice minis

Some nice models here, cant wait to see them finished. Keep up the good work.


10-4 Miniatures

I meant to get a Workbench Update up yesterday, but it’s a good thing I didn’t, as I now have more to show/talk about!

First up we’ve got new Ogres on the table, the Leadbelchers:


I had them primed on Saturday night, and last night I put a coat of Ryn Flesh down.  I used a different brush this time, and I am already much happier with how both the primer and the paint are going on.  It’s a softer brush, so it’s not scraping as much paint off as I brush.  Fantastic! Why didn’t I do this before? 🙂  While I could actually probably get away without a second coat of flesh, I am going to give it one more quick brushover, just to be safe.

I also started painting one of the cannons, as you can see.  I just wanted to test out some new metal paints I found…

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2 thoughts on “Nice minis

  1. Thanks for the reblog and comment!
    I’m in a great painting mood these days, and I’ve already got two of those models complete. By the weekend I’ll probably have the rest finished (with the Ogres ready for a dip).

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